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  • Quick results & long-term benefits – UPRIGHT GO trains your body to notice when you're slouched through biofeedback. Follow the training program, and you’ll see better posture in as little as 14 days
  • Discreet & comfortable – UPRIGHT GO is small, discreet and lightweight. Unlike bulky back braces, no one will notice you're wearing it!
  • Track your progress – The free UPRIGHT app, available on iOS and Android, tracks your posture in real-time and notifies you when you've reached your daily posture goal. Your posture is also logged so you can see your progress over time.
  • Personalized training plan – Get the training plan that fits your unique profile, body type and daily activity. Customize vibration and training settings to your liking.
  • Easy to use – Just turn UPRIGHT GO on, place it on your back, and get instant posture feedback
  • We've got your back – Our excellent Support team is available whenever you need through in-app chat
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Improve your posture in 14 days


Sync your UPRIGHT GO with the app


Peel the cover off the reusable skin adhesives


Place the GO on your spine


Get real-time posture feedback!




Award-Winning Posture Trainer

The American Posture Institute Recommends

“The Posture Sensor is highly effective for posture habit re-education. A great tool for better posture habits.” 

Trusted by Over 200,000 Users

If you slouch and want to improve posture the Upright Go is a must have


It has already made me significantly more aware of my posture


After all these years of terrible posture, I now have hope


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Marsha M.
United States United States

This is a great technology!

I found this gadget very helpful! It does its job perfectly! We just have to put some effort on being constant using it. Thank you for creating this!

Katie M.
United States United States

Helps but it’s super annoying

It does work to keep you aware of your posture but it buzzes you waaaay too much. You can’t bend over to tie your shoes or do any kind of chores with it on or you’ll want to rip your hair out. It’s SO annoying. I guess there’s no way around that though.


Hi Katie and thanks for your review. We're happy to hear about your overall positive feedback regarding the Upright device, and please look for a response from our customer support team in order to further improve your experience at [email protected] or via the in-app chat soon. Kind regards, Upright team

United States United States

Great device

The device is really helpful with geting me to improve my posture. It is easy to use and fun!

T H.
United States United States

Love it but...

It doesn’t stay on. I even put rubbing alcohol all over the area that I could possibly reach and make sure that dries before I put it on. So I only wear it in the house. I find myself correcting my posture even without it on. So it really works. Do you have extra heavy stickies.


Hi there and thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear that you experience regarding the adhesives. Please look for a response from our customer support team and follow up at [email protected] or via the in-app chat in order for us to improve your experience soon. Kind regards, Upright team

United States United States

Love my UpRight!

I truly love my UpRight It makes me totally aware of my posture Good & bad

Jennifer H.
United States United States

Hope There’s a 2nd Gen

I find the Upright GO can be very helpful and improving posture definitely improves pain but also appearance and confidence. The GO works as promised and that’s what is most important. It’s not without a few issues that I hope will be resolved with a 2nd generation device. First of all, I can’t use this when I most want to (meetings & class) because it’s vibration is not really silent. Second, it’s difficult to place since I recently had neck surgery although that’s a huge reason for working on my posture. Third, I wish I didn’t have to charge the device so frequently; it is easy to forget by the time I get home. I would also like more options to customize my training and tracking. This could all be fixed with an updated device so I hope to see that happen because it really is a great tool.


Hi Jennifer and thanks for your review. We'd love to address this feedback in order to improve your experience, so please look for a response from our customer support team and follow up soon. Kind regards, Upright team

betina g.

מעולה אבל....

זה ממש בעייתי בארץ שכשמזיעים הוא נופל


שלום בטינה ותודה על הערתך. בהמשך לכך, אנו ממליצים להשתמש במכשיר הגו בבית או במשרד, כשנוח לך ולא בזמן שהייה בחוץ . רצוי לנקות את האיזור עליו תניחי את מכשיר הגו עם המטליות הכלולות בערכה וכן לוודא בכל פעם שמחליפים את המדבקה שאין שאריות של מדבקות אחרות. כמו כן, לאחר שסיימת להתאמן, כדאי לשים את המכשיר עם "הבטן" בתוך הקופסא השחורה עימה הגיע, כדי שכל מדבקה תוכל להחזיק בין 5-10 שימושים. נשמח לעמוד לרשותך ולענות על שאלות נוספות דרך המייל [email protected] או דרך האפליקציה עצמה - כפתור ?/! בברכה, צוות אפרייט

Jessie M.
United States United States

Great reminder when it’s on; no change over all

I’ve tried several posture correcting measures in recent years, but was attracted to Upright die to it’s promise to train (strong core, engaged shoulder blades, etc.). I’m a fitness instructor and train these parts of my body regularly but still suffer from rounded shoulders. When I’m not instructing, I sit round shouldered at my day-job desk. Unfortunately, after completing my training program I see not feel any changes in my overall posture. I tend to round when the device is not vibrating me to remind me to sit up straight. I still use the device at my desk for that upright reminder, but think the training is overstated. Further, I suspected the sensor somehow factored in muscle engagement, but truly it just monitors whether or not it’s “upright” so one must take extra care to place it somewhere on the back that will round with shoulders should you begin to slouch. The trainer can also be tricked if you lean backwards, to slouch with your upper back against a chair (not recommended for those correcting posture, of course!). I’m sum, a useful reminder during the day- but not a life, nor posture, changing tool.

RIchard W.
Hong Kong

Bit of a waste of time

Not very useful. Better to do some decent exercises

Christian J.
United States United States

Waste of money

Product looks nice, shipping is quick, and it does monitor your posture. But, it’s difficult to put on, sometimes has connectivity issues, and is not as easy to use and noninvasive as the advertisement made it seem. To be honest, I threw mine in the garbage because I was so frustrated with it.

Quit Slouching In Just Days!

Confident-Looking, Healthier Posture Is Just A Tap Away!

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  • What is the UPRIGHT GO?

    The UPRIGHT GO is a smart, wearable posture trainer. It attaches to your upper back with an adhesive, and notifies you that you’re slouching with a gentle vibration. The UPRIGHT GO also syncs to an app, which provides a personalized training plan, tracks your progress and provides daily posture stats.

  • Is the UPRIGHT GO waterproof?

    The UPRIGHT GO is not waterproof and water should not come in contact with the USB port. We also recommend against using the UPRIGHT GO during sweat inducing activities, as the adhesives are also not waterproof/sweat resistant and the device may fall off. 

  • Are the adhesives reusable? How long does each last?
    The adhesives are multi-use. Each lasts up to 10 uses, depending on skin type and proper maintenance. For tips on how to make the most of your adhesives check out our  Help Center
  • What is the difference between Tracking and Training modes?

    The UPRIGHT GO has two modes: Tracking and Training modes. In Training, the device vibrates when you slouch while tracking your posture. In Tracking, the UPRIGHT GO will keep tracking your posture but won't vibrate when you slouch. You can switch modes in-app or by clicking your GO once.

  • Where do you ship?
    We ship worldwide. Shipping to the US is free, and non-US customers are responsible for any custom fees that may be associated with the order once it arrives at the border.
  • What is the return policy?
    Upright has a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee. For more info on the return policy, visit https://www.uprightpose.com/return-policy/